Spinning a Yarn

Funded and supported by: National Lottery Fund/ Creative Scotland 'Open Project Fund'- Begg&Co. Ayr - Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh - Strange Frames

01 August 2016 - 16 October 2017

Artist in residence:                             AAdK Centro Negra - Blanca - Spain 01-31 August 2016

Exhibitions:                                                House for an Art Lover- Glasgow       07 September - 16 October 2017

Shetland Museum and Archives     Lerwick -September 10- October 12  2018


Investigating Fair Isle designs' reputed origins, Andalusia, and migration to the Outer Hebrides, the project challenges the assumptions underwriting our cultural identity. This project will explore if there are similarities of thought and creative processes linking Islamic/Spanish Andalusia and Scandinavian/Scottish Fair Isle. 

 “My intention is to amplify the value and necessity of cultural exchange and diversity at a time when the demarcations between 'us and them' are hardening."

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